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    Some of the components of a cabling system include: panel patching for switching functions between router for incoming and outgoing lines, horizontal cables for in-wall installation, and patching cables to connect stand alone computers to outlets and then to telecommunications closets.

    For housing and storage of network wiring systems, products such as cable troughs, wireways, enclosure cables, rack accessories, and cabling cabinets are also installed. These components protect the wiring and equipment from dust, dirt, water, and oil while simplifying cable management.

    At IT Realizer, we offer a wide range of network wiring products and services that are needed to design and build an IT infrastructure that will serve your strategic business needs. IT Realizer goes beyond products.  From tools to teach customers about network wiring diagrams to a global network of certified Installers ensuring reliable installation standards, IT Realizer has a solution to fit your requirements.

    Every year, our business grows more, because our company is committed to promoting the best quality services and work. As a result, repeat customers are the basis of our business. When a request comes in, we put 100% effort into the job. Our name is carried throughout the project, and it makes us proud. While our company provides competitive prices for jobs, we ensure that customer service, quality, and attention to detail is fully carried out. 

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Network Design

Transform your organization into a more efficient and cost-effective operation.

- 02

Cabling & Wiring

(UTP and STP) CAT5 and CAT6, fiber optic cabling. Testing and termination.

- 03

WiFi network

Hotmaps creation. Design and installation.

- 04

Phone systems services

Traditional and VOIP phone systems solutions. On site or Cloud based systems.

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Surveillance systems

Ultra HD IP Network based, TVI, CVI video surveillance cameras systems.